5 tips for creative sneaker photography form your sofa

Your home, lacking inspiration and your sneakers have been collecting dust on the shelf the past few weeks. While kicking back in your slippers and a cuppa sounds inviting, this may bet the best time to make some creative sneaker photography content in the comfort of your home. Check out our list of tips below, create and tag us @krateandco so we can share your photos!

 Get inventive with sneaker boxes

Use one, use many, stack’em or make a backdrop, there are many ways to incorporate them into your shot. Sneaker boxes are a great addition as they are often unique in design, making them instantly recognisable with your audience. Furthermore, there is scope to play with colours that may be lacking in your household. Or better yet, use our Krates for a contemporary look to your work.




From extra laces to key rings, sneakers are often aired with a bunch of accessories these days. Creatively adding these elements to your photos could provide the edge you have been looking for. Check out some examples below of how the community has been getting creative with accessories.



 Levitate levitate levitate

A trend we have seen more and more in recent years as content creators experiment more with edits. Although these out of world search seem unattainable at times, there are a few tutorials to create them all from your phone. Check them out here and get creating!




Let’s make a collage

It’s not all about the shots! Find creative ways to present your work and you can elevate your work to another level. And no…you don’t have to be a graphic designer. There are many tools out there that help you create striking layouts with your content. Take a few shots and see what you can make using layouts from Canva.


Throw'em down

Literally! Grab your pairs, chuck em on the floor and shoot the madness. If that doesn't rock your boat, create interesting layouts using your pairs.The 'ring of heat' is a common shot seen on Instagram but get creative and share your photos on Instagram using #krateandco.



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