Celebrating 90s Culture With The Release Of The Air Max 2 Light

On Saturday, members of the sneaker community came together to celebrate the launch of the Air Max2 Light with a 90s themed event held at the Heart of Gaming venue in Croydon. 

Hosted by Nike, Offspring and The Panel, guests were invited to take a step back in time to reminisce about better days, while indulging in slush puppies and "button pushing" their way to victory on classic arcade games. Fashion was clearly visible, as people flaunted their vintage nike gear and of course...

An creative display setup by The Panel brought us all back to the reason we were there. Saturday signified the first time the Air Max2 Light silhouette has been retro'd since it initial release in 1994. The display included OG models alongside the 2019 release, as well as a few memorabilia from the 90's, including an original Gameboy, vintage mobile phone and special edition sweet!

Thanks to Nike, Offspring and The panel for hosting a great event for the community and I look forward to more of the same. Maybe a Panel x Nike collab?!

Photos by: @FacesPlacesLaces


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