Predicting The Hottest Sneaker Trends in 2020

New year, new decade, new sneakers! Its common knowledge that fashion trends do not stick around for long and it’s no difference with footwear. By looking at how 2019 ended, we have predicted what trends are set to be hot property at the start of 2020.


Although I wouldn’t advise sniffing, scratching away the upper layer of a sneaker became common practice to sneakerheads towards the end of the year. While removing the upper layer of the Clot x AF1 Silk upper or singeing the stranger things (  collaboration were optional transition, the recent G-Dragon Peaceminusone AF1 'Para Noise' featured crackling paint that falls off when worn. The trend made for some interesting creations as people got creative with their customisation. Just take a look at these Jordan 1 LA to Chicago’s! By how the year ended, it looks like this feature is set to continue into 2020.

Jordan 1 Mids

If the ‘Fearless pack” is anything to go by, Jordan looks set to popularise Mids heading into the new decade. While they have always been seen as inferior to OG Hi’s, notable collaborations with CLOT, Melody Ehsani and SNS at the end of 2019 certainly turned a few heads. Will you be converting to mids this year?



Sustainability is an ever-growing global topic. As consumerism rises, more brands are attempting to make their processes more ethical to appeal to the environmentally conscious. While Nike pushed it’s sustainable Flyleather material with the release of the Earth Day pack, Adidas continued its collaboration with 'Parley for the ocean' products made of 75% upcycled plastic trash. Is it time for brands to care more about the production while aiming to meet the ever-growing customer demand?


Corduroy on corduroy

Undoubtedly Sean Wotherspoon made some waves in the community with his alliteration of the AM97/1 in 2017. The pair featured the classic corduroy grain throughout the upper in a array of vibrant pastel colours. SW looks set to continue his corduroy trend, teasing a collaboration with Asics that utilises the same winning formulae. And recently announced he will be teaming up with Adidas for another collaboration. While we are unsure what the pair will look like, it’s evident to see his effect on the design already with the release of the AM97 corduroy pack  and Diadora “Saturno” 


High fashion collabs


As the direction of fashion culture shifts towards streetwear, high fashion collaborations seem to be a growing trend as brands attempt to capitalize on the  growing community. Nike teamed up with Dior on the Jordan 1, Adidas with Prada for a Superstar and the on going relationship between Puma and Balmain . Although the routes of these sort of collaboration can be traced back to 2000 with the Reebok x Chanel collaboration, it looks like these will become regular releases in the near future.

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