The End of “The Ten”?

15 months have passed since the release of the collaboration between Off-Whites, Virgil Abloh and Nike. The monumental drop that  shook up the sneaker scene ultimately seems to be reaching its climax as the recently released Air Max 90’s, have been confirmed as the final instalment of “The Ten”. 

 In conjunction with its initially release, Nike held creative labs and panel discussions across major cities around the world, which gave enthusiast a chance to connect with Virgil’s vision and his unique process. “The Ten” was a clear reflection of Abloh’s artistry as he deconstructed a range of Nike silhouettes, pushing boundaries between 'street' and luxury fashion. The distinctive style made every pair a must have and laid foundations for other designers to use a similar approach, none more so than the Union x Jordan 1 and the upcoming Sacai collaboration.  

Undoubtedly, "The-Ten' played a pinnacle role in elevating Virgil to the pedestal he currently sits on as artistic director at Louis Vuitton, as well as breathing new life into streetwear culture and ultimately, Nike. With some saying that the collaboration became ‘too much’ as new colourways seemingly released every other week, it may be right time to gracefully bow out as Jeremy Lorenzo looks set to replace Virgil as Nikes key figure.


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