Our Story

With an ever growing trainer collection, we grew tired of staring at a pile of cardboard sneaker boxes stacked up in the corner of our bedrooms.

We wanted a better way to store, and organise our kicks.

Searching online, we found and bought several plastic shoe boxes, but in the flesh none of them lived up to the photographs. They were cheap, flimsy and were ready to collapse at any minute.

We figured there must be a better product out there.

Taking inspiration from a standard shoe box we decided to try and make our own clear sneaker storage box. Something that would allow us to see the contents inside the box.

With lots of doodles on paper we eventually plucked up the courage to visit a local manufacturing company to see if they could bring our designs to life.

Two worlds collide. Sneakerheads and Engineers.

After many puzzled looks, questions about technical drawings, tolerances, finishes the engineers eventually took pity on us, guiding us through the process of converting our ideas on paper into something real and tangible.

Questions went back and forth by phone and email, before the call came, asking us to go down and see the finished product.

Man..It was ace. Something we remember to this day. We were so proud.

So proud in fact, we decided to post it Instagram for the rest of our mates to see.

First our mates, then sneakerheads all over the world started commenting, asking how they could buy our trainer box. Minds officially blown.

Right there the original trainer display krate was born.

So too was Krate&Co. Liverpool (UK), 2014.

The early days were pure madness.

As word got out our sneaker boxes got more and more media coverage, we could barely keep up with orders, each and everyone sent by hand.

The local manufacturing company could barely keep up either.

Our home addresses got blacklisted by every courier in the area because of the amount of parcels we were sending from our houses.

It was a proper adventure. Grafting and learning as we went on.

Taking our products on the road, we displayed at events like Crepe City, grabbing the attention of both sneakerheads and traders in the UK and further afield.

Since then our trainer storage boxes have shipped to over 25 countries around the world, and our krates have made it into the collections of thousands of die hard sneakerheads.

Along the way we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best independent sneaker shops (and some high street names too) helping with several sneaker launches.

Above all, we love sneakers; just like you.

We vividly remember our first set of kicks, that feeling we got when we laced them up for the first time. Not to mention all the other sneakers along the way.

We love talking sneakers and sharing your passion on social media, email or out at sneaker events.

Like fashion or music, sneakers have an incredible power to connect people.

Sneakers have the ability to transcend gender, race, religion and language.

Whether you’re a collector, a customiser, an independent shop or a shoe designer.

We believe we’re connected. We’re part of a worldwide sneaker tribe.

We believe sneakers shouldn’t be hidden away; they should be celebrated.

Sneakers are a part of who we all are.

Sneakers are our identity.